Chocolate couverture 5kg

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Contains: 5 kg

Description: Bulk packaging. Suitable for your chocolate fountain and also suited for cooking. The Couverture for your pastry making, cake, bread, wafer etc. Of course also delicious to snack or give away. 3,5 cm dia meter, 0,5 cm thick. Delivered in a carton box. 


Tempering the chocolate couverture

How can you best temper (melt) this chocolate for a nice shiny end result?

- Heat chocolate "au-bain-marie" to approximately 45 degrees

- At 45 degrees, cool back to 30.5 degrees at an ambient temperature of about 20 degrees.
Use about 20% unmelted chocolate for this. (This way it cools down faster to exactly 30.5 degrees)
Just waiting for the temperature to drop is of course also an option.

Take a sample with a knife and if the chocolate dries streak-free within 5 minutes, the chocolate is well tempered for a shiny result!

Ingredients: chocolate couverture. Ingredients: raw cane sugar*, cocoa butter*, rice syrup powder(17%)*, cocoa mass*, vanilla*. *) from organic agriculture. Cocoa: 41% at least.
May contain traces of peanuts, nuts and dairy products. 

per 100 g
kJ 2489 kJ
kcal 595 kcal
Eiweiß 2 g
Kohlenhydrate 49 g
Fett 43 g

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Chocolate couverture 5kg